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 Interclub Competitions X X X X X X X X
 Creative Digital X X X
 Nature X X X
 Photojournalism X X X
 Portraits X X X
 Special Themes X X X X X X X X
 Postcard Competition X
All competitions this season are digital competitions.
The deadline for entries for all other DPI competitions is Wednesday noon before the monthly CACCA meeting.
Entries are through the Competition Assistant website.
The Grace DeWolf Award (for diversity in nature photography) will be March 20.
Best of the Year competitions for Photojourlisum and Nature will be Feb 20.
Best of the Year for Creative and Portrait will be March 20.
The Best of the Year Competition for all Interclub Competitions is May 15th.

The deadline for entries to the Specials Themed competition is Sunday noon before the monthly CACCA meeting.
Themes for the Specials competition are:
  Oct- A touch of Red
  Nov– Shadows
  Dec- Unusual angles in cityscapes and architecture
  Jan- Monochrome with a splash of color
  Feb- Nature enhanced by the hand of man
  Mar– Food
  Apr – Pets
  May- Alone